Saturday, 2 July 2016


As usual, we started the day with an energizer conducted by Tomi. The topic of the morning was about Human rights. 

The first workshop was to play a role game where you are another person and to understand how society see you or the opportunities that you can have only for your origins or your social status.

We continued talking about something very connected: the human rights.

We need to make a poster about one of the rights of the list of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and later we need to do a performance representing this right without speak.The rest of the group have to understand the right that we were playing and discuss if it was well represented, the way to do, our own experiences related to it…

Afternoon started with another energizer directed by Carlos and Dani from Catalonia:the cleaning team energizer, perfect for fight the heat!When we have finished we started the topic of the afternoon: How to be a vlogger?. Firstly the components of the group of Estonia explain us what is a vlog. Secondly we make teams to record a vlog to represent one of the articles of human rights. In addition we chose a topic of list of human rights and we recorded it. We also saw the videos and do a little reflection on about it. The result was so good and we have a very good time with some fun proposals

Finally we conclude the afternoon with a meeting talking about Erasmus Plus Programme.

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