Saturday, 2 July 2016

The 1st of July - Stereotypes, Prejudices & Media

The 4th day of the Youth Exchange “Intercultureality” was dedicated on stereotypes, prejudices and media. 

To start our day off, Portuguese participants prepared a simulation game to find out how participants would act while stepping into another’s shoes. An International  discussion was followed after the game and different possible solutions and reasons were figured according to the given topic

Afternoon was started by bringing out what prejudices and stereotypes the participants have had felt about the 4 topics- women, men, disability, dark skintone. Participants brought out their own experiences, thoughts or opinions that had reflected in media. It was followed by discussion where the forming of prejudices were discussed and how society and its idols influence us.

In the evening we compared the differences among partner countries to analyse regional aspects that vary among each other. How the different regions (towns) of each country may vary. In conclusion we found that people tend to find more positive sides about themselves and negative sides about others and everything that may seem strange in the first place. That is also one reason, what forms cultural barriers. At last we valuated several photos that have been published in media. Whether the pictures were reflecting usage of stereotypes and in witch way. How media controls our opinion about social issues, forms stereotypes and how it leads us to buy certain things by unethical ways.

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