Monday, 4 July 2016

Very fun 4th of July

Let's see, what can we say about this day... To be honest, it is always better to show than write, so that's why we decided to take you through this day with a few photos.
Today we had  interesting and productive day. Our time passed quickly with lots of activities and workshops that we all liked.

It is always nice to start the day with an energizer. This one woke us up, made us laugh and it made our day productive from the beginning.

After that it was time to get into the topic of the photography and media. We had the best time preparing the activity and we did them with a maximum dedication.You can see below some of the groups presenting their final products of the media workshop


Some of them represented a wedding, with the message not to trust the media and what it represents

The others represented the gender "equality" in the workplace

And a third represented the workers raising their voice for their rights

Stefan - a participant from Macedonia - had interesting presentation named "The importance of photography in the media"

We also learned about the techniques that media uses for manipulating the people. 

  Teamwork is our best weapon...

  Our facilitators are always here to motivate us and give us  "food for thoughts"           

To sum up, the day has ended and we are going to bed with a great impression, It was a day worth remembering.\Greetings from\Sicily!

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