Sunday, 15 May 2016

Day 7

Today is the last day and even though we were already feeling nostalgic of our leaving , we have managed to work together on many topics .

After our traditional energizer , presented by Marcella . Some persons have presented some activities to the rest of the group so they could use it in the future if they would need it .Nami and Arta presented an activity "Tephons and Riphons and Riphons and Tephons" , an activity designed to break the stereotypes .  Then Marcella presented a really funny game with chairs when the people had to find a common strategy for the person standing not to be able to sit for at least a minute …. And it  wasn't as easy as it sounds like . Kevin then presented some ideas about how to used maps differently as a tool to communicate with refuges and to break stereotypes .

Farid and Cyrielle  have explained a game called "Abigael", this activity can be used to show that we all have different values , and they then presented a video about french stereotypes .
Mihaella has shown  us a funny stand up video to finish this first part of the morning in the best way .
After, we had to work together to find out what is Erasmus +  and what are the projects related to youth , it was a good way to discover all the possibilities and a good remember for those who already knew about that subject .
At the end of the morning , David has shown us our human right posters that we will have to present for the ,last 12 month . they look quite good . ;)

After  our meal and a lovely energizer ;) .  We have (re)discovered what is youthpass and each of us was trying to  self asses  his  learning week to know better how to fill the youthpass once at home..
The second part of the afternoon after another really nice energizer and an orange,  we have filled the final evaluation form of the training .
And on after the other, we have got our  youthpass from another participant which had described the person which will receive it without saying the name . Some didn't understand the rules ( like me  …) and said the name directly . It was a nice and touching way to finish this week of activities .
We are now looking forward to join the other and spend this last moment together.

Thank you to all the InformGiovani team, for your energy knowledge , smile patience and good moments .
thank you to all the participants for this time shared together and being the persons you are !!!

we hope to see you soon and we wish you all the best for your future.  

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