Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Day 2

So, the second day arrived. After the breakfast we had a little energizer, just to wake up our body.
Our friend Ciry gave us the papers with the tasks for the game "The murders". We have to play the game during the whole time we are here.

The first activity we had for this day was "Mission impossible". We were divided in few groups and each of the group had a question about different topic which we needed to find an answer. The questions were about us: our skills, sports, languages we speak, music we listen,  common values, food we like the most, the country which the most far away from Sicily and the country where we lived abroad.

After this activity, we were divided in our national groups. The task was to present the intercultural reality in each country; what are the problems tackling discrimination in each country and what activities each country in undertaking to solve these problems (national and local level).

Before the lunch we had one role game - Alien Planet. It was very exciting and fun game, we played roles and got to know how difficult is to maintenance our own culture and habits, while respecting the others and learning how to cohabit.

After the lunch, we tried to find common definition of culture. All the groups had their thoughts about the topic and was fun to hear the presentation and the ideas. The most fun part and the part that left the biggest impression form this task, were "figures" we made with out bodies trying to present what culture mean for us.

The energizer

At the afternoon session we also had a role playing activity. The groups had to interpret some conflict situation with dialogue. All the groups had a different ideas, and were presenting different situation. This role playing activity helped us to got to the point of the afternoon session, which was to learn how to deal with this kind of situations in which we can all find ourselves in every days life. The discussion we had after was real good reflection and by shearing experiences we all learnt new things and how to approach the problem form an other point of view.

At the end of the day we sum up our thoughts on all the activities we had, expressed our opinion on the topics and gave suggestions how to improve the activities and how to get more from the project.
It was a successful and day full of new knowledge.


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