Monday, 9 May 2016

Day 1

The view!

Everybody arrived yesterday so we got a good fresh start in the morning. There are 26 of us!

This is the view from our windows. Have not heard anyone complaining about that yet -- like, who would have something to complain about if you have that kind of a view, sun and such great ice-cream? I thought so!

This is our common space and work room. Also good for catching the mystical creature named Italian Wi-Fi. It comes and goes, always yelling "Ciao! Ciao!", very confusing beast.
We started with a presentation of the project, shared our expectations, fears and contribution ideas. We were doing some team building activities, icebreakers games and also some activities to start to get to know each other in the morning.

Then we had lunch.

This is Konstantin from Latvia, enjoying his meal. 

It was...particular and memorable. Everybodys spirits are still high!

After lunch, we got into the non-formal education topic, we had the opportunity to discuss what are for us the similarities and differences  between formal, informal, and non-formal education.

The weather is not bad,you know :) 
 At the end of the day and after the dinner we had a very funny game. It was about to represent some scene, like a theater and it did us connect and know more with each other and feel more comfortable.

Find a local stray cat! They bring us happiness (and maybe fleas,we are not sure yet)

During this day the happiness has been in the air. Find two swans on the picture, also the origami birds, hehe.

Before dinner, doing the gelatio-race. I did not won, very sad day.

Dinner was very tasty, with tomato-salad which reminded the sad Estonian girl how tomatoes actually taste because we get only plastic-taste tomatoes up in the Northern sphere.

Greetings from the crazed  media team -- thanks to Hermann and his USB cable which saved the day in this slow internet-wonderland!

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