Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Day 3

Here we are again, the third day started.
We started the day in a good mood especially after the yesterday´s International night. And there is no chance to start in bad with this great group here.

Firtsly we started with two good energizers, 1,2,3 and Running sound.

After that we had the main workshop"Step forward", it was the workshop about discrimination where we don´t look behind us but we look only ourself and just how to reach the goal.
After the activity we had a discussion where we were talking about  the activity and how do we feel in reality when we face with these kind of discrimination.

After that we had lunch and we ate Risotto and salad.

After the lunch somebody of us had a swimming dayyy.

We started the afternoon with energizer "Find your Garage", where everybody of us had fun.
Next activity was about the stereotypes and prejudices, where we talked about the diferencies between them. We watched a good video where we find out  what exactly means discrimination and how should people with disabilities be treated.

After that we had energiyer "Game of trust".

And here comes the best part of the day, LET´S MAKE A MOVIEEE....
We formed five groups and each of the groups made their movie.
We had five different tasks and at the end we had veryyyy interesting movies.
From Media Education we can conclude that it is very important to make publicity to the project or the activity we are doing or we are planning to do. For one good publicity we should answer well the "5W and 1H".

At the end we are greeting you with one special photo.

Have a pleasant night from best team ever.

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