Friday, 13 May 2016

Day 4

Human Right:
The morning started with a nice storm, was raining during some time, but allow us to do the energyzer and start the morning activities about human rights.
In the first activity in the morning we needed to draw a flower ,related to our needs, later on we connect with the human right.
In the floor we founded a circle of Human right, we had the time to walk around and read all of them and to reflect and connect with the flower of needs, after the group was divided in 4 small group, each of them needed to choose 1 of the human rights of the circle and to create activities to promote this rights, after we present to all the group.
One of the group went 1 step more and realise a nice exercise where we needed to choose between hate speech and freedom of speech.
In the afternoon we had the free time in Palermo, where the people in 2 group discover the reality and the culture of the city.
We had a nice dinner in a small restaurant, where we feel each other very very very close :), we had the opportunity to try different traditional food from Sicily and to listen and street music from the motorbike.
We came back to Sferracavallo full of emotions, impressions, feelings bud very tired.

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