Friday, 13 May 2016

Day 5

The weather was with us since the morning, so Mariana decided to enjoy it at the maximum by stretching out side by the sea. Everyone had a move to share. What amazing working conditions !

Therefore both our body and mind were ready to learn and work on Media Education. We all shared thanks to open questions in small groups and we concluded all together.

After lunch everyone had its own priorities : for some of us it was swimming and other ones went for "siesta"!

The afternoon begun at the best  way, we made our own "project"(videos/photos)  to discovered the techniques of propaganda!

At second point we had discussions about  how to promote a intercultural tolerance, first we had a general approach and then a particularly and specifically points of view on real issues in our own work experiences.

Beijo, bučas & bisous !!!

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